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Inappropriate advertising

I am so angry with this game I will delete it after writing this review. An ad for the Hooked app suddenly appeared when my daughter finished her game. The Hooked app is inappropriate for a childs game but worse than that, it was an incredibly scary picture of a zombie. So now I will be sleeping with my child in her bed for the next week. What the hell geometry lite?!?


I think this game has gone reeealy far and Im reeealy proud of it


There is no sound. This makes me so so sad, the best part is the music played in geometry dash in my opinion! But other than that its a great app! Id totally recommend it!

I love this game

This game is very awesome some of my friends say it’s kinda boring and I don’t really Like it but they don’t have to like though.

Awesome game

This game keeps you playing for hours and it challenges your brain so you can get better at stuff when you do other stuff.????

So good?

Very good game! Highly recommend!


I love it I love it


Amazing game


This game is so Awsome not just for me but for other people too especially if you love a challenge there is a hole bunch of levels and instead of you having to unlock them they are not even locked so you can play any level whenever and wherever so I highly recommend if you don’t already have geometry dash!?

geometry dash

i love this gama so much like u dont even understand like i helps me when im bored and when im not bored it helps me to be calm and when i loose i dont get mad because i can still play again❤️?????❣️???????


It is so good


This game is supposed to be for kids. My 7 year old son downloaded this game 3 months ago and he was getting so mad he broke his tablet. I think this game should be a lot easier



Love game

I love the game its one of my favorite game my little brother always takes my phone and plays the game


Just fantastic

Awesome app

This is one of my favorite apps that I have!!!!! Even though I am not good at it I still love it so you should get it! The best part is its FREE so that means that you get to save your ?(money)

Problems with the game:

1. bad gameplay 2. Too many bugs 3. The created levels

Hard but I love it

I wasnt able to get very far but my friend got me very far and I got to watch as she showed me. She even finished the game! She did it all in one. I think she deserves the credit, but take this advice, its VERY FUN!!! Here is how we feel about it: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? hopefully you enjoy it too. Maybe youll feel the same way I feel about it. LOL


This game is the best

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