Geometry Dash Lite App Reviews

967 add

Terrible selection of adds

My six year old son loves this game and is very good at it but he is playing along and an advertisement for HOOKED came on and it scared him! This dash game is rated 4+ there for advertising games for more mature audiences should be for bidden!!!!! I am a very upset mom!!

My favorites game ever

This is my favorite game. I love the customizable characters and the challenge that the game brings. Get this game!!!

I hate you

I hate you I hate this game and I just want to pass all the levels ??


I have played award winning games such as Super Mario Smash bros. (Nintendos all stars game) and Roblox (A Game Center with thousands of awesome games (And millions of players) ) yet this is my favorite game. <3 This game so much. It derserves a reward (If it doesn’t have one already).


This game levels can be fun for first few tries but if u try a lot more times and u can’t surpass it, it can be frustrating! Especially u failing at the 90% mark and have to reatart the marathon again!

Great game

Challenging as f?, yet fun at the same time. ????

I love it

The electrodynamics song is my favorite song in the full version.

Addictive and makes a great challenge

Best Game Ever


This game is so amazing it really help with IQ and if you notice that the music goes with the time your supposed to jump I don’t know if that’s true but it seems like it does so hey nice game hope you read my comment and respond and see you later


This is a TERRIBLE GAME!!!! It enrages people and when u dont get it it makes you SO ANGRY!!!




You put the main one 2.11 but lite 2.2!?

Ads inappropriate for children!!

Downloaded this app to play with kids, stumbled upon FPS ads, and cheating relationship ads with inappropriate images. Very distasteful. Deleted. I don’t mind ads that are appropriate for kids, but not adult ads like this in a kids game.

I ? this app

I <3 this app please make more levels i can play

It’s good but can you update pls...?

I do enjoy this game but I’m so frustrated that Electrodynamix is not on the lite version since I completed the game (lite).

So fun gaym

I luv it so much is viry funnn grim

Fun and challenging

It’s fun and challenging at the same time !!!! TRY IT!!!

Good game RubRub

Okay,I hate adds.also I dont like Time Machine and Cycles. Im really also I hate practice mode.Cycles took me 105 attempts (Practice Mode)but.Good game RubRub you get A+ On creating Geometry Dash


My brother always plays it. Even in supper! It’s awesome. He let’s me try. Thank you for this Game!??

Good game

This app is a great thing to bust your boredom, but is also good for setting goals. I also like how the lite version lets you do a lot of stuff, and there are many levels you can still play. It’s very fun, and I highly recommend it!

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